OYO Camp is an exciting collaboration involving members of Ohio’s Deaf community:

Mission Statement

To provide an overnight camp without communication barriers that empower each kid with hearing loss to realize their full potential through the celebration of their individual identity!

Vision Statement

We envision the creation of an inclusive, educational, fun, barrier-free environment where kids with hearing loss recognize their full potential through the development of communication skills, leadership potential, self-actualization, and empowerment.

Core Values

  • Physical and emotional safety is our highest priority
  • All children with hearing loss are equally encouraged to participate
  • Experiential education cultivates important life skills: communication, cooperation, leadership, and understanding
  • Communication accessibility is provided in a manner that matches each child’s preferred mode of communication
  • The values and rules of each camper’s culture are to be respected
  • We respect individuality: Every person is gifted with unique learning and communication styles, talents, aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, and culture. All of these characteristics must be recognized and respected
  • Self-awareness arises from emotional understanding, self-confidence, and self-worth
  • Teamwork and multiple approaches effectively solve problems and promote self-actualization
  • The program for kids with hearing loss at Camp Nuhop generates a sense of belonging, understanding, trust, and pride